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Dog Flea & Tick Control


Dog Flea Treatment and Tick Prevention Products – Best Prices on Dog Flea Collar, Flea Shampoo, Spot On, Spray, and Flea Pills

Those pesky fleas on dogs or pups are more than annoying external parasites. Flea bites can result in persistent scratching and extreme discomfort to your canine pal. If your dog swallows a flea carrying a tapeworm egg, while scratching or biting at the flea irritated area, they could become infected with certain types of tapeworms.

Tick Prevention is also important for canine health. Ticks can latch onto your dog and are capable of spreading serious infectious diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever, and others. Skin irritation can occur at the tick bite and heavy infestations of latched ticks may cause anemia in pets.

What can we do to protect our dogs and pups against fleas and tick bites? Lambert Vet Supply offers a broad selection of flea and tick preventives for your dog or pup. Choose from flea and tick collar, spot on, flea pills, spray, flea shampoo, and dips. Treatment of home, yard, and kennel is also important to end a flea infestation for good. Yard and premise spray, room and area fogger, carpet spray, house spray, and outdoor foggers are available at Lambert Vet Supply.

Choose a flea and tick control solution to fit your dog’s needs and activities. Pups or dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors around water may benefit from a waterproof solution. Don’t forget even if your dog spends most of their time inside, only one venture outdoors or an association with another dog poses the possibility of a flea bite. Flea and tick protection helps keep your pup or dog happy and promotes canine health.