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Dog Beds


Variety of dog bed styles including gusseted, bolster beds, crate pads, and heated mats.

Every pet parent should purchase a good dog bed that is warm and comfortable and meets your canine friend’s needs. Your dog’s bed helps provide a safe place to rest at night and a cozy space to nap during the day. The following tips may help you choose the perfect bed size for your dog. Observe your dog’s sleeping habits and measuring them while asleep, as some dogs curl up and others like to stretch. Measure your adult dog while asleep in their normal position and add to this measurement 4-6 inches for small dogs and 8-12 inches for medium to large dogs. Since nobody likes a small bed, if in doubt order the larger size. Remember your pup will grow so either order a larger bed for his breed size or purchase a larger bed as needed. Our dog bed style selection includes gusseted, bolster beds in round, oval, and rectangular shapes. We also have crate pet mats and heated mats made either out of durable plastic or softer materials available.

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