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Animal Vaccines and Veterinary Medical Supplies at Lambert Vet Supply.

Dog, Cat, & Large Animal Vaccine to help protect your pet or herd from disease. Broad choice of veterinary medical supplies to help keep your kennel or barn stocked for everyday use or for quick emergency intervention. Always contact your veterinarian for any questions or emergencies that occur.


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Safeguarding your pet's health requires a comprehensive approach. This includes access to high-quality veterinary products like vaccines formulated for various species and a diverse selection of essential medical supplies.

Vaccinations offer crucial protection against prevalent diseases for dogs, cats, livestock (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and swine). Consider a comprehensive range of vaccines when discussing options with your veterinarian.

Beyond vaccinations, a well-stocked inventory of medical supplies ensures you can provide proper care at home. This includes syringes, test kits, first-aid items, and respiratory aids, keeping your kennel or barn prepared for various situations.

Remember, while these products empower you to take proactive steps towards your pet's health, consulting a veterinarian for guidance on proper usage and dosage is crucial. They can also help you choose the most suitable solutions based on your pet's specific needs and your budget.

Prioritize your pet's well-being by ensuring you have the necessary tools and expert guidance. When making decisions, consider factors like product quality, veterinarian recommendations, and cost-effectiveness.