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Cat Vaccine

Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Feline Chlamydiosis, Rabies, & Feline Leukemia Vaccines for Cats and Kittens


Kitten First Shot Series and Annual Cat Vaccines

Help protect your kitten against certain diseases with a kitten shot series. A new kitty is at higher risk for certain diseases caused by viruses, such as an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). Your new kitten’s immune system is not fully developed resulting in your kitty not being able to recover as quickly if they get infected. Beneficial cat vaccines available against two virus, herpes virus and calicivirus, which can cause a URI. Vaccine is also available for Feline Leukemia either as a combination vaccine or single vaccine for your cat’s protection. No vaccine is 100% effective against the prevention of a kitten or cat getting a disease, however cat vaccination is effective at reducing risks and aiding in recovery.

Remember cat vaccination is the best prevention to reduce the risk for diseases your cat or kitten may be exposed to in their environment or by exposure to other infected cats. We carry several different brands of feline vaccines from trusted manufacturers to help keep your furry, purr friend in top health.

Lambert Vet Supply also has annual cat vaccines online to help protect your kitten into adulthood. A downloadable cat vaccination health record is also available in our resource library.

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