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Pest Control & Insecticides


When it comes to pets and pest control, you’ll need to pick out pest control products according to your problem.

So you're having trouble with pests irritating you and your furry friends? Don't fret, as Lambert Vet Supply has your answer. We have a plentiful supply of pest control supplies, which will help make your home and property pest-free again for you and your pet's comfort. However, you will need to tailor your pest control purchases according to what is bothering you.

For dealing with pesky insects such as flies, the best pest control products will be products designed to help eliminate insects.

Check out our selection of foggers and sprays in addition to abatement strips. These can help reduce the problem of flies and other insects around your property. However, you must always carefully read the instructions, as you don't want you or your pets to accidentally be poisoned by the chemicals that make up some of our fly control products.

Help reduce pests with rodent control products.

We have products designed to take care of mice, whom you don't want making nests in your home, eating your food, or bringing in fleas.

Looking to catch some feral cats and take them to human society? Check out our selection of animal traps.

Sometimes the problem is not how to eliminate pests but how to safely capture feral animals that need to be taken to the humane society and given proper homes. For this, you can use some of our safe-to-use traps. Always read the instructions. Do not attempt to catch large animals such as bobcats without proper training.