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Dog Treats


Keep your dog or pup happy and content with their choice of our dog bones, chews, or treats.

It’s a well-known fact among pet owners that dogs’ favorite rewards are tasty morsels they can put in their mouths. Dogs and puppies are motivated by their never-ending quest to find delicious food (which is why they love to beg for scraps from the table), and it is for this reason that most dog lovers prefer to spoil their favorite pooches with things such as dog bones, chews, and treats. Simply put: canines love dog treats. Snacks and dog treats are also helpful in that they keep dogs occupied during fits of boredom, thereby discouraging them from chewing on things they’re not supposed to chew on—such as your furniture!

Here at Lambert Vet Supply, we offer a broad variety of tasty, chewable snacks for dogs and puppies.

Dog bones, dog treats, the works! Some of these are all-natural dog treats with long-lasting flavor. Others are meant to be eaten in conjunction with medication, the flavor and texture of the dog treat distracting them from the taste of their medicine. Still others come with ingredients designed to freshen dog breath, so your pooch gets some oral hygiene at the same time they’re relieving their urge to chew.