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Dog Vitamins & Supplements


Should I give my dog vitamins? What about supplements to go on top of his food?

Believe it or not, even though dogs generally have more resilient digestive systems than humans, it’s still important for them to get extra vitamins and nutrients to keep their health in optimum conditions.

Here at Lambert Vet Supply, we sell a number of chewable tablets, vitamins for dogs, probiotic powders, and many other nutritious supplements for canines.

For example, Cosequin chewable tablets for dogs are supplements designed to improve your dog’s joint cartilage and keep their joints healthy. This keeps them spry and mobile and makes their day to day life easier. After all, most dogs love to run and play, so being able to move freely is essential for them. And the longer you can keep their joints in good health, the better! Supplements such as NutriVyte are helpful for dogs experiencing a decrease in appetite due to stress.