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Pet Furniture Covers

My pet wants to hang out with me on the sofa. How do I safeguard my furniture from loose hair?
We understand. It’s only natural to want to spend as much one-on-one time with your furry friend, especially when you’re just cozying up at home after a long day, watching TV. Your pooch has probably given you those big puppy dog eyes, asking if they can come up and sit down on the sofa next to you. In other cases, they might enjoy resting on top of that big, comfortable chair in the corner when no one’s using it. But you’re worried about loose hair and such staining or discoloring the furniture.
Safeguard your furniture with these furniture covers for dogs.
Here at Lambert Vet Supply, we sell these convenient, easy to apply furniture covers designed to protect furniture from loose hair and discoloration whenever pets rest on top of them. We sell covers which are designed to cover lounge chairs as well as covers designed to cover sofas. We also sell them in a variety of colors, so pick out the one that fits your needs and looks most stylish with the rest of the décor in your house!
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