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Feeders & Waterers for Dogs & Puppies


Shop here at Lambert Vet Supply to get the feeders and waterers that’ll benefit your dog any time of the year.

Many pet owners assume that a dog only needs one food bowl and one water bowl and that both bowls are suitable for use all year-round. It’s a little more complicated than that. While the materials used in classic cat and dog waterers and feeders are generally capable of withstanding the elements, you will need bowls that can keep food and water fresh and ingestible in harsh temperatures. For example, a water bowl should be able to keep water in a liquid state whenever it’s below freezing in the winter.

What sort of feeders and waterers can I get for my dog? Should I get a heated water bowl for my dog?

Heater water bowls are ideal for wintertime conditions as they are designed to prevent water from freezing into ice. This is important in winter as pets need to stay hydrated whenever it’s cold out. Here at Lambert Vet Supply, we also sell stainless steel bowls, as well as aluminum dog waterers and feeders.

Are there water bottles for dogs that do not drip?

Yes, and we sell those as well. An alternative to water bowls, these bottles can be attached to a wall or a post, and your dog drinks from the tube like a hamster. We sell products such as the Lixit No Drip Dog Bottle which, just as its name implies, does not drip when not in use, so you do not waste water.