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Rx Gentaved Otic Solution, 7.5 mL

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Requires Veterinarian Authorization

Product description

When bacteria infect your pets' ears, they multiply and produce great discomfort and inflammation. When it comes to eliminating parasites in the ears of cats and dogs, Gentaved Otic Solution is a useful product. It features two active ingredients: the antibiotic gentamicin and the corticosteroid betamesthasone. The combination of these two ingredients kills bacteria and decreases the release of their inflammation-producing substances. If your cat and/or dog has a bacteria-caused ear infection, apply this topical medication in the ear, following instructions provided by your veterinarian. The dropper bottle has been designed specifically to make application easy and efficient. Your pet's ear should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before and after application. Also be sure to clean out any debris and/or crusty material with a non-irritating cleaning solution (ask your veterinarian for suggestions). If needed, clip excess hair from the treatment area, per your vet's instructions.

You will need a valid prescription from your veterinarian in order to purchase this product.


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