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How to Submit Your Pet's Prescription

Pet’s Choice Pharmacy cannot process prescriptions without a valid veterinarian's prescription. When you order your pet's prescription, you'll be asked to choose from the following methods how the pharmacy will receive the prescription:

●  “I will mail my original script”

Mail only the original veterinarian prescription to the address below. Please include your order number to facilitate processing. Due to pharmacy regulations, photocopies are not accepted.

    Mail to:

Pet's Choice Pharmacy
Re: Order #
814 K Street
"Belleville", KS 66935

●  “I have a refill on file”

Our pharmacist will verify the prescription refills available and process the order.

●  “My vet will call in my script”

Provide our toll free number (877-347-7387) to your veterinarian. Once the verbal prescription is received, our pharmacy will process your prescription.

●  “Contact my vet for me”

When you place your order you will select your veterinarian from our database or provide your vet's information if it is not there. We will use this information to contact your veterinarian and request your prescription. Please allow 1-3 business days on average for the veterinarian to return the prescription authorization to our pharmacy.

●  “My vet will fax the script”

Provide our fax number (866-787-1177) to your veterinarian. A direct fax from your veterinarian to Pet’s Choice Pharmacy is the only acceptable manner to fax prescriptions due to pharmacy regulations.

If you wish to “Transfer a Prescription” from another pharmacy, please either list the pharmacy name and phone number in the “Comment” section of your order or call our toll-free number, 877-347-7387.

Once your prescription is received, our pharmacy will process your prescription.

If the valid prescription for the item’s ordered is not received from your veterinarian within 10 business days from the date of your order, your order will be cancelled.

If you have any problems submitting your prescription, please contact pharmacy support at 877-347-7387.

Click on the orange button to download Pet's Choice Pharmacy prescription authorization form.