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Dog Grooming Supplies & Equipment


Get all your dog grooming supplies here at Lambert Vet Supply.

We all like the sight of a well-groomed dog. Shiny hair. Clean skin. Whether you are a professional groomer or someone who likes to give your dog grooming sessions at home, you’ll need the right tools to make a dog’s fur look its best. Fortunately, here at Lambert Vet Supply, we carry a wide variety of dog grooming supplies which will help you.

Shampoos, clippers, and more dog grooming supplies.

When it comes to cutting hair, we sell a number of clippers, manufactured by companies such as Andis, Oster, and Wahl. When it comes to cleaning dog fur, be sure to check out our broad selection of shampoos. We also sell dog muzzles for easily agitated canines that tend to get nippy when they’re being groomed.