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Health and WellnessArthritis and Joint HealthGlyco Flex Classic Hip & Joint Supplement Dogs 600 Mg 120 Chew Tabs

Glyco Flex Classic Hip & Joint Supplement Dogs 600 Mg 120 Chew Tabs

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Reference: 015VS-9551-12

120 ct
600 mg

Product description

Glyco Flex Classic Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs 30 Years ago our company found the GlycOmega brand green lipped mussel perna canaliculus, and we have been committed to its joint health properties ever since. Providing the essential nutrients that help keep joints limber and strong, perna canaliculus is the foundation of our Glyco Flex Stages joint health system for cats and dogs. This 600 Mg formula is recommended by veterinarians around the world for dogs that are genetically pre-disposed to joint health issues as well as for hunting and working dogs that see added stress on their joints and connective tissue. Sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand, our perna based Glyco Flex Classic is the perfect starting point for a lifetime of healthy joint maintenance.


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