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What is Deramaxx for Dogs?

Deramaxx is a non-sedating NSAID medication, that is, a non-narcotic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug belonging to the coxib class. Deracoxib forms the active ingredient of deramaxx, contributing towards the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory property of the drug. It is strictly meant to be consumed by dogs and is not safe for any other household pets. Also, it is typically used for dogs with osteoarthritis pain or given to them after surgery to relieve off any swelling or ache.

Due to its round, biconvex and chewable properties, it becomes easy for pet owners and vets to administer dogs after its requisite usage. It is also being studied to cure other health problems as well in dogs, like bladder cancer in Scottish Terriers.

How should one know if the dog needs to be treated with Deramaxx?

The dog not being active enough or playing less can be a sign of aging. But the condition of canine osteoarthritis (OA) could be foresighted with certain other symptoms as well such as inflammation, swelling, and pain in a dog’s joints, often meaning damage to the joint’s cartilage.

Also, if your furry pet has had surgery, his veterinarian, may prescribe for relieving pain or inflammation after the procedure.

But some questions that you must ask before even giving your pet deramaxx tablets are:

  1. Has your dog become less active and alert?
  2. Is the doggo feeling less interested in indulging in their favorite physical activity?
  3. Do you find your pet struggling to get up or lie down?
  4. Do you find your pet finding it hard enough to walk in or out of the car, walking up or down the stairs, jumping and then standing up, etc.?
  5. Do you see the dog whimpering more and crying out loud in pain?

If yes, then you might need to make an appointment with your vet for your dog and discuss the possibility of a prescription of Deramaxx.

Always follow your veterinarian’s directions on administration of Deramaxx to your dog.

Frequently asked questions regarding Deramaxx dosage, administration, side effects, safety, and precautions.

How old should my dog be to get Deramaxx?