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Who Needs Cat Furniture

“Cat furniture is vital to any feline household.”

Living with a cat has its ups and downs. And that’s the way cats like it! From the cat’s point of view, it’s very nice of you to give up your favorite chair for him or her to use as a cozy nap spot. It’s also very thoughtful when we don’t swat at them for climbing on top of the fridge, in an effort to get to the highest vantage spot in the room. And so what if in the process of claiming the couch as command central, a little scratching and clawing goes on. As least that’s how your cat sees it. As considerate as we humans are, there does come a time when we get a little fed up with sharing our furniture with our cat. So, who needs cat furniture? You do… and so does your cat!

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By nature, cats climb. They like to be at the highest place they can find. It’s a power statement to the world that this is my kingdom. It’s also a really good place to keep an eye on the rest of the family, feline, or human. Cats also like to have secluded areas for napping or contemplating their next big adventure. Cats need an approved place to claw. They need a place to stretch out or curl up into a tiny ball, as the mood dictates. While most cats are perfectly happy to share your spaces, there are times when a cat just prefers to be alone.

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A carefully selected piece of cat furniture can meet many of your cat’s basic needs. Cat furniture today ranges from simple 2 level carpet covered cylinders to multi level, huge jungle gyms which provide places to nap, hide, scratch, and come with attached toys for active play. There are component systems that allow you to build the perfect cat structure for your home.

When you choose a piece of cat furniture, there are several things to keep in mind. Before you buy, observe your cat’s normal behavior and notice what seems important to him or her in sleeping conditions and scratching surfaces. Where will you put the furniture in your home? Next, does your cat have any special needs because of age, making ramps more important than large jumping platforms? Are there places for hiding away as well as sturdy sleeping platforms? What about a combination of carpet and sisal scratching areas? Are there horizontal and vertical scratching zones?

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Cats thrive on having their own space. Providing them with their own furniture and play areas nurtures their desire for a pampered place. Cats spend the better part of their lives sleeping, lounging, and watching the world around them and a good piece of cat furniture fulfills many of their needs: it serves as a playground, a hideaway, a comfy sleeping area, and a lookout. Provide your cat with an interesting piece of cat furniture and she or she may be less tempted to climb, scratch, and shed on your furniture.