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Pets and Treats – Feed them this, not that

Pets and Treats

“Many holidays foods are toxic, even life-threatening, to pets when consumed.”

As we pointed out in our recent article about pets and holiday foods, sometimes it’s best to avoid sharing scraps from the table with our animal friends, no matter how much they beg for it. To put it simply: many holidays foods are toxic, even life-threatening, to pets when consumed. That’s why, as an alternative, we are sharing our picks for the most delicious—and healthy—pet snacks designed specifically for pets, all of which you can order right here at Lambert Vet Supply.

Here are six (safe-to-eat) treats your pet will thank you for.

1. Dog Treat Sampler
Not sure what your dog’s favorite snack is yet? Why not try a variety pack to find out? That is precisely what this sampler holiday pack is. It comes with braided bully sticks, bully springs, bully rings, pig pizzles, cow ears, a cow tail, a beef backstrap, a beef esophagus, a beef rib, and a beef tendon—all grain-free and highly digestible. This sampler is also handy for families with more than one dog, as there’s plenty to go around for the holidays.

2. Cranberry Cabernet Cat Treats
These snacks for cats are delicious as well as healthy. The secret to their double-benefit lies in the cranberries which make up part of their ingredients. Cranberries, in addition to providing a delectable, mouth-watering flavor, are healthy for your cat’s urinary tract. Soft and moist and only containing 1.8 calories apiece, these cranberry-flavored goodies are snacks your cat will thank you for.

3. Meowmosa Cat Treats
Packed with a delicious salmon and orange flavor, these Meowmosas are made of healthy ingredients and make for a good morning snack. Ingredients include salmon, yellow peas, and chicken fat. It comes with a natural flavor.

4. Hip Bones Regular Cherry Biscuits
These biscuits combine joint health care compounds with other bioflavonoids, mixed with a wonderful taste, to create something that relieves joint pain as well as makes a fun-to-devour snack. Since they help relieve inflammation and discomfort in swollen, arthritic joints, your dog will be thankful for these biscuits.

5. Himalayan Gourmet Cheesy Dog Chews
These dog chews are made of all-natural ingredients, including free-range cow milk and yak milk. An addition of salt and lime juice provides an enticing flavor. What’s more, these dog chews promote dental hygiene and make for a delicious reward for pups during the holidays. Unlike the cheese us humans like to consume, this cheese is fine for dogs to eat.

6. Cow Ear, Bully Stick Dusted
These cow ears are 100% natural, made from free-range, grass-fed Columbian cattle. They are an excellent source of protein and support dental health, so dogs are getting three benefits out of each treat they chew on.