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3 Steps to Keep out Pet Fleas and Ticks

3 Steps to Keep out Pet Fleas and Ticks

“Spring marks the return of insects.”

Can you believe spring is just around the corner? Pretty soon, temperatures will rise, grass will turn green, and pets who love the great outdoors will be squirming to run around in the sun. However, spring also marks the return of insects…including fleas and ticks. Bearing in mind these parasites are capable of transmitting nasty, potentially life-threatening diseases, it is absolutely fundamental you pest-proof your pet and their surroundings.

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Here are three steps for pest prevention to take this spring.

Check Your Supply of Flea and Tick Meds
Even though it is highly recommended you keep your pets protected from parasites all year-round (fleas and ticks sometimes crawl inside homes during the winter to stay alive), you should double-check to make sure you have a steady supply of meds for when the warm spring weather returns. Don’t wait for a sunny day to start treatment. Most flea and tick meds have a lasting effect of thirty days, so note of the day treatment began to avoid missing subsequent monthly doses.
When it comes to preventing fleas and ticks, there is a broad selection of products to choose from. This includes topical meds, sprays, foggers, and shampoos.

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Pest-Proof Your House
As we said earlier, fleas and ticks sometimes thrive inside homes during the winter—and they do not make exceptions during the spring, either! Fleas, in particular, are a real nuisance in the house, for they lay thousands of eggs, which will eventually hatch and mature into adult fleas, which will then spread all around your household. What’s more, fleas and ticks are not exactly picky when it comes to picking a host. Once inside, they will seek out anyone or anything with warm blood. That’s right: you and your family are also susceptible to these irritating little blood-suckers and the diseases they carry.
So how do you keep pests out of your home in the spring? First off, regularly vacuum your carpet to clear out any adult fleas, larvae, and eggs on the floor. Dispose of the bag after each use. Mop your hard-surface floors every now and then as well. There also exist certain products, such as home sprays and foggers, which are safe to use indoors.

Pest-Proof Your Property
But where do fleas and ticks come from? While in search of potential hosts, these annoying parasites inhabit wooded areas, fields of tall grass, and—gasp!—yards. If your cat or dog loves spending times outdoors—if they love rolling around in the grass and going for walks in the park—there is a chance they will pass a flea or tick’s hiding spot. Of course, there’s not much you can do about public places, but how can you pest-proof your property?

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As it turns out, a well-maintained yard adds more to your home than just curb appeal. Regularly mowing your lawn and trimming will deter ticks who, in particular, love unkempt areas with tall, thick grass. You can also look into our selection of outdoor sprays. But the benefits do not end there! Pest-proofing your property also helps eliminate bugs that will ruin your lawn as well as flowers and shrubbery.

As for walks in public places: this is another reason to keep pets on their meds.

Be sure to check out our selection of flea and tick products so you can keep your pet and your home pest-proof this spring, and for the remainder of this year!