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Bravecto chewables to protect your dogs from fleas

We all know how dogs are exposed to ticks, infections, and fleas. Exposure to such pests in dogs is common, and it is harmful to the dogs as well as to the owners. However, with proper protection, you can prevent your dog from unwanted ticks and fleas that harm their body! 

Bravecto Chewable for dogs makes it easier for the owners to prevent their pets, be it a dog or a cat from the high risk of fleas and tick’s infection. Most importantly, these Bravecto Chews can prevent re-infestation for at least 3 months i.e., 12 weeks. Hence, it is definitely a simple spot-on yet a delicious option for your furry ones to keep them safe! 

Benefits of Bravecto Dog Chews

Let’s take a close look at what are the benefits of these delicious chewables with a healthy treat!

  1. Long-Lasting & Effective 

Bravecto works quickly and provides your dog with long-lasting prevention against infections, ticks, and fleas. It is beneficial for you as well to explore different places with your furry and without any worries about infections! 

With 12 weeks of proper protection, Bravecto chews are time-saving; as in there is no need for month-to-month administration for tick and flea prevention. In just one go, you are saving your time for at least 3 months. Moreover, Bravecto Chews are one of the long-lasting chews available in the market for tick and flea prevention. 

If your pet is taking one dose, then it will nearly cover your full season, and if you go for 4 doses then, it will almost cover your entire year! Bravecto has been utilized to treat patients with insect hypersensitivity dermatitis (FAD), a typical canine dermatologic infection. This condition happens in patients with excessive touchiness to insect spit and can cause exceptional pruritus and optional bacterial and yeast diseases. 

  1. Rapid Protection

The best part about Bravecto Chews is that it provides quick protection to your pets from the most common and well-known ticks and fleas. In case of tick-borne diseases, Bravecto provides prevention from different ticks. It is just one dose of Bravecto and your pets are absolutely safe from infestation. 

If you never ever tried Bravecto Chews, then you must be amazed to know that within 2 hours of consumption, Bravecto Chews begin to kill the fleas, and then after 2 more hours, it starts killing ticks. After 12 hours, 100% ticks and fleas are eliminated from the fury’s body. 

You can buy Bravecto Chews for dogs from Lambert Vet Supply online store! 

  1. Safe for Consumption 

Bravecto has been clinically proven safe for dogs. Bravecto Chews are made with an extremely high level of safety margins and each product is tested and verified. Your pet can consume this minimum 5 times (as per the clinical dose) and it’s absolutely safe to consume. 

Bravecto is alright for use in canines and felines a half year old enough and older. Bravecto Chews has been affirmed for use in reproducing, pregnant, and lactating female dogs, and it has been demonstrated safe for use in all types of canines, incorporating those with ivermectin sensitivity.

Protection Against Flea 

  • Ctenocephalides felis (Cat flea): 12 weeks


  • Starts killing fleas within the 2 hours of treatment, reaches 88% efficacy in 4 hours and 100% in 8 hours
  • At 8 hours, the efficacy against fleas is greater than 98% for 12 weeks. 

Protection Against Ticks 

  • Codes scapularis (Black-legged tick) – 12 weeks
  • Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Brown dog tick) – 12 weeks
  • Dermacentor variabilis (American dog tick) – 12 weeks
  • Amblyomma americanum (Lone star tick) – 8 weeks


  • Within 4 hours of treatment, ticks are being killed. It reaches 97.9% efficacy in 8 hours and 100% within 12 hours
  • At 12 hours, the efficacy against ticks is greater than 98.3% for up to 12 weeks

  1. Convenient to Use 

With Bravecto’s wide range of chewable, you can now treat your furry little one the way you always wanted to be, yes, without any worries! With a couple of steps, your pet can keep doing what they love – adventure, playing and enjoying life to the fullest. 

With fewer doses every year than different preventives, Bravecto fits simple adherence. Moreover, a dog would prefer to have a tasty chewable in front of them as a prevention rather than any other solution! And, the best part is it is absolutely hassle-free for the pets, owner and doctors as well. 

Less frequent dosing can forestall the gaps in the protection of your pet. Hence, you’ll go for monthly treatment, which actually isn’t that much feasible. Therefore, it is advised to go for frequent check-ups to make sure that your cute, little one is safe from harmful infections. 

  1. Peace of Mind

It’s an obvious fact that ticks and fleas create significant inconvenience and can lead to some serious irritation for your pet. The discomfort, irritation and continuous bothering don’t provide peace of mind to your pet, and ticks can be deadly, with only one tick fit for causing demise. 

Just a single dose of Bravecto Chews gives long-lasting protection in comparison to standard monthly dosages. Hence, you and your pet can enjoy the peace of mind if Bravecto Chewable brings fewer doctor visits and monthly treatments! 

Bravecto’s long-lasting prevention and easy and convenient dosage schedule make it an item that is suggested by veterinarians and pet owners! 


To sum it all up, Bravecto dog chews are one of the prominent treatments for dogs. For at least 12 weeks, the full dosage provides complete protection from a variety of ticks and fleas that are dangerous for the canines. 

If you are planning to buy Bravecto Chews, you can check out Lambert Vet Supply with all the necessary details mentioned about the product, directions, dosages and ingredients.