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Benefits of Nexgard for Dogs

Troubles caused by parasites, most specifically insects, are the subject of grievance among dog owners. Among these parasites, fleas and ticks are active during most of the year and become a source of annoyance to the dogs.

To control their infestation, many products are available and among these products, nexgard for dogs is the most effective oral flea and tick treatment present in the market. Due to the benefits provided by this chew, it has become the number one choice of veterinarians, and below we’ve listed all these benefits for new dog owners. 

But first, let’s know what this product actually is. So let’s dive right in.

What is Nexgard?

  • Nexgard is an FDA approved medicine that kills both fleas and ticks and helps prevent infections that cause Lyme disease. This soft chew is used to treat infestations with not only fleas and ticks but also demodectic and sarcoptic mange.
  • This medicine performs the task of killing these parasites by the use of an active substance called afoxolaner, which acts as an ‘ectoparasiticide’. Here ectoparasiticide means something that kills parasites living on the fur or skin of animals. When ingested by a dog, an afoxolaner gets distributed throughout its body.
  • Afoxolaner can affect only if ticks and fleas get attached to the dog and begin feeding on its blood. Upon feeding, these parasites witness an over-stimulation of their nervous system. This occurs due to the blocking of the standard movement of charged chloride ions in and out of nerve cells. 

Benefits of Nexgard

  1. Tastes good:
  • Many dog owners might have experienced their dog’s unwillingness to consume the medicine. The sole reason for this is said to be the taste of medicine. Most oral flea medications focus primarily on the treatment and ignore the taste.
  • Nexgard is a delicious beef-flavored chew that is extremely soft. This chew is produced using soy protein and braised beef flavor.
  1. One-shot solution:
  • Several ectoparasites cause serious harm to the dog and once attached to the body, these parasites aren’t easy to remove. In defense, dog owners often provide different types of medications for killing different types of parasites. Providing several medicines to the dog at the same time can cause allergic reactions.
  • On the other hand, Nexgard is a single chew that kills both fleas and ticks. It’s efficient in killing some types of manges too. Moreover, this can be safely given to all breeds of dogs.
  1. Lasts long:
  • Nexgard’s efficiency rate is extremely high when it comes to killing fleas and ticks. Once consumed by the dog, it starts to kill in 4 hours. It can kill fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 48 hours of its consumption. It’s effective for at least 5 weeks and is more powerful than any other oral flea control product.
  • If you too want a convenient solution to this annoying problem of flea and tick control, NexGard RX from Lambert Vet Supply is your best bet. It contains an afoxolaner, which kills fleas and ticks by attacking their nervous system. It is extremely safe and kills adult fleas before they lay eggs, hence help in reducing contamination of the dog’s environment.
  1. Highly effective:
  • It’s hard for many topical products to kill the ticks present in some specific body parts. Hence, if you think your dog is safe from ticks just by applying the product over its body, then you’re wrong. 
  • While Nexgard is a way more accurate solution that can target ticks hiding inside the gums of a dog, around the eye, inside the ears, or even inside the anus. In addition to this, your dog will also be able to swim and bathe as Nexgard cannot be washed off.
  1. Safe to use along with other medications:
  • Suppose your dog is suffering from a disease and is already on a medication like antibiotics. During that time if it encounters any flea infestation and gets severely affected by the insect then Nexgard would be the best option as it is safe to use with other medications without giving any side-effects.
  1. No need to separate the dog:
  • It often happens in the case where dog owners use messy liquid products or topical products over their dog and keep them at a distance. The dog is sometimes separated from the family even after days of treatment.
  • This never happens when you employ Nexgard treatment. It’s an oral treatment hence there’s no need of separating your dog for even a minute.

Even though this product is safe in many ways, dog owners still need to understand a few things before the treatment. This has to be done to prevent the dog from future complications. So let’s know about some things that you need to be cautious about. 

Precautions for Nexgard

  1. When it comes to using Nexgard on breeding males and females, you need to kn9w that there is no proper evaluation done yet. It can be risky for your dog to consume the product in such a situation. So first you need to ask your vet and then work according to the prescription provided by him.
  2.  If your dog has undergone any surgery in the past or has a history of seizures then it becomes important to consult your vet before using medications.
  3. As Nexgard is specifically created for dogs, its consumption by a human can cause serious health-related issues in his body. So, you need to keep it away from children and for any concern regarding this, the Poisons Information Centre would need to be called on 13 11 26.
  4. Wash your hand every time after the treatment.

Best Place to Buy Nexgard

This product is not only accepted by veterinarians but also loved by many dog owners. Treating your dog with Nexgard from Lambert Vet Supply will not only kill the fleas and ticks but also protect your dog against their infestation. At our store, you’ll find an exclusive range of pet supplies, pet medications, and veterinary supplies at competitive prices.

If you have any queries related to the product, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to assist you.

Thanks for reading!