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Skin disorders in dogs and remedies

Skin disorders lead to immense discomfort in dogs. There are a variety of reasons that result in different kinds of skin problems in dogs, effects of which are adverse. The frequency of these disorders is more in warmer weather. It can occur as an external allergy or as a reaction to some internal issues.

Some symptoms of skin disorders are evident on the skin whereas some need detailed attention. Whatever the case, being proactive is what would help you to treat your pet better.

The intensity of disorders varies from pet to pet or breed to breed. Some conditions might be mild whereas some can become quite severe. And in such a case, seeking professional help becomes indispensable. However, some ways can help you take care of minor issues before seeking medical treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment are two important steps in this scenario. Firstly, one must be very careful in identifying what exactly the problem is, and secondly, the kind of treatment that follows, which decides the outcome. Reaching out to a specialist is always recommended.

Symptoms of Skin Disorders in Dogs

Learning about the symptoms of a disease is the first step in its diagnosis. Similarly, learning the symptoms of skin disorders can help you identify if your pet is unwell and is suffering from a skin disorder. Below are some common symptoms that hint toward the same:

  • Itching: It is the most common and obvious sign that your dog isn’t doing great. What’s tricky is the fact that dogs are normally used to itching. You must attend to your dog with caution and if the itching is prolonged, that’s where it calls for intervention.
  • Dry Skin/ Sores: Dry skin or sores are also strong indicators of skin disorders in dogs. If you notice your pet with any of these, you must attend to him well.
  • Hair Loss: Hair loss is a severe concern. Issues, especially about skin affect pet hair in many cases. Shedding hair beyond the normal intensity is a sign that your pet needs treatment.
  • Rashes: Rashes; yet another symptom of skin issues in dogs. These disorders often affect the skin and the germs take the form of rashes.

Apart from vet consultation, what is required is your dependency on a product that helps you tackle these situations at home. Among all the products that we offer, Temaril-P has been one the most sought after that has been proving itself very beneficial for dogs of different breeds.

Keep reading to know more about it in detail:

What is Temaril-P?

Temaril-P is an oral medication that is prescribed to relieve irritation of the throat that takes place as a result of allergic bronchitis. This product can be given to dogs with easy monitoring and helps a great deal in relieving your pet from itching and inflammation. It is also available in the form of tablets.

Why is it used?

Temaril-P is a remarkable product that is prescribed in case your pet is suffering from skin allergies. These allergies have the potential of causing inflammation or itching and Temaril-P is an outstanding remedy. Used as a cough suppressant, this must be served to animals as and when the infection is tackled by appropriate antibiotics.

To purchase Teramil-P tablets, visit our website here. You can learn all about its properties in the description before proceeding to buy.

Potential Side Effects

Some potential side effects of Temaril-P include interruptions in breathing; swelling of face, lips, tongue, hives, etc. It is strongly recommended to immediately discontinue its use if your pet shows signs of side effects.

Other common side effects include muscle weakness or drowsiness. Your pet may refuse to eat or have an increased tendency for urination. Kindly consult a vet if such issues arise.

What should your pet avoid while on this medication?

If your pet is on this medication, avoid giving it other over-the-counter medications. Consulting a vet is recommended while administering this product to your pet. Sometimes, other medications might cause reactions when mixed with Temaril-P and that is why reaching out to your vet is highly advised.


Avoid using this medication for animals with diseases like peptic ulcer, TB, and Cushing’s syndrome. Use this medication with extreme caution on animals that are pregnant. You must take good care of your pet and look out for any other infection that might hamper the pet’s health.

Be assured that Temaril-P is a good start when you’re looking for products or ways to treat skin disorders in dogs. Many customers who have used this product for the same are satisfied with the result. Of course, administering this comes with a responsibility. And if you’re mindful, this product will surely help in treating your pet.

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