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Adaptil For Dogs, What You Need To Know

Whenever you search about canine anxiety and stress, you will come across the word Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP), or more commonly, Adaptil. 

You must be thinking if this product called DAP or Adaptil can ease anxiety, which is primarily undetectable amongst the canines? 
Well, the answer is YES. It is not like you’ll start treating your dog with adaptil and get a quick cure from stress and anxiety. Of course, the treatment will take time. However, it majorly depends on (1) which type of problem you want to treat and (2) what else you are expecting from adaptil for dogs. 
Do you know things like fireworks, loud noises, rough car rides, meeting new people or being left alone can create stress or, even worse, anxiety for your dog/puppy? And, adaptil is beneficial in calming dogs from stressful situations. 
Let’s discuss more DAP & Adaptil for dogs in detail further. 
What is DAP? 
Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) is one of the rare mammalian pheromones, relieving stress and anxiety. 
DAP is sold in the form of Adaptil. Check out the three forms of adaptil for dogs that are available in the market for puppies and dogs. 
1. Treated Collar, which works for one-month maximum. 
2. Spray bottle for daily usage 
3. Plug-in diffuser -Which type of situations can cause Stress & Anxiety? 
Adaptil for dogs is really helpful in several situations when your dog or puppy is under stress or anxiety. Do check out which type of situations or surroundings can cause stress amongst your dog. Hospitalization Introducing new people around Introducing new pet around Moving to a new home Presence of other pets/animals Boarding Fireworks Loud Noise Transportation/Traveling Veterinary visits Rash car driving Car travel Rearranging furniture in your home 
These are some of the common stressful situations that can hamper the behaviour of your puppy/dog. And, whenever such stressful situations occur, your dog or puppy might behave abnormally, including constant crying at night, excessive barking, destroying household items, hiding, trembling, panting, etc. Therefore, you must be aware of the situations and surroundings that can cause stress and anxiety amongst canines. 
Adaptil for Extreme Barking 
Are you aware that doctors use adaptil to reduce the extreme barking of dogs? Whenever dog barking increases, adaptil will lessen the intensity and calm the anxiety. No doubt, barking is a complicated problem that dog owners usually encounter! However, you must be aware that stressful situations arouse it. Thus, you must avoid creating such a stressful environment or situation for your canine! 
Adaptil for Thunders and Fireworks 
Dogs stress levels and anxiety rises with thunder sounds and fireworks. According to a study, whenever dogs are exposed to thunder sounds and fireworks, a DAP collar is beneficial in reducing the active signs of stress and anxiety. DAP Collar, one of the common types of adaptil for dogs, is helpful in anxiety treatment for dogs. If your dog is suffering from noise phobia/Higher noise intensity, a DAP Collar or other types of adaptil for dogs is ideal. 
Adaptil for Extensive late-night Cries 
Usually, small puppies cry late at night due to several reasons. In some cases, dogs also cry late at night when their anxiety levels are high. To treat their uneasiness and stress, adaptil or DAP has some striking effects that can treat puppies or dogs within two to three days. As a pet owner, you just have to make sure you provide a home environment to your canine to avoid such situations. 
How Adaptil Works? 
Adaptil is a pheromone that usually puppy’s mother emits after birth to calm and reassure her babies. It is a synthetic copy of the pheromone that releases calming effect on adult dogs, especially in stressful situations. If your dog is experiencing separation anxiety and stress, adaptil works within a month. Of course, all dogs are different and adaptil results can vary from one to another. But it is recommended that you have to use it for at least 30 days for the best results. 
Step 1 – Through special nerve bundles, dogs take in the pheromone. 
Step 2 – Then, the signals are sent to the brain. 
Step 3 – The calming effect releases stress and anxiety. 
Adaptil Products from Lambert Vet Supply 
 1. Adaptil Collar, Large 27.6″ 
One of the most common adaptil products is the adaptile collar. It’s a drug-free solution that helps in reducing the active signs of fear, stress and anxiety. Usually, adult dogs start hiding, whining, excessive barking when they are under a state of stress or fear. Adaptil Collar is the perfect solution to treat and control stress-related behaviour. This large adaptil collar perfectly fits 36 to 110 lbs weighing dogs and can easily be worn for one month without any worries. Don’t worry about the age; adaptil collar is for dogs of all ages and stays with them whether they are going for a walk, traveling, hospitalization, boarding or veterinary visit. 
 2. Adaptil Travel Spray for Dogs 
Whenever your dog is whining, hiding, crying or barking excessively, then you must know such behavioural traits are caused by anxiety, stress and fear. Adaptil is one of the best clinically proven solutions that even doctors use to calm dogs and puppies. This adaptil travel spray for dogs is again a drug-free solution that soothes and relieves stress. You can spray 8 to 10 pumps wherever your dog is sleeping or on the collar, blanket, beds, etc. Remember, don’t spray this directly on your dog. 
3. Adaptil 30 Day Starter Kit 
Adaptil home diffuser is ideal for your dog to relieve stress and make you feel more relaxed. It’s a drug-free product and helps dogs remain calm during thunderstorms, loud noise, fireworks, and fearful situations. -It’s a starter kit with a diffuser head and one refill box. You just need to plug in this diffuser where your dog spends most of the time when home. You have to use this continuously for 30 days maximum for the best results. 
To conclude, adaptil is essential for dogs whenever such stressful and fearful situations occur. It helps keep them calm and relaxed, no matter the situation or place. Adaptil comes in different types, from collars, sprays to kits. You just need to pick the right product for your dog (considering the size and age of your dog). If you are looking for high quality and reliable adaptil products for your dog or puppy, you can visit Lambert Vet Supply as they offer a wide range of products.