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Dog Behavior

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January 31, 2024
Dog Training

The Role of Consistency in Dog Training: How Small Daily Practices Yield Big Results

Embarking on the journey of dog training is an enriching experience that goes beyond instilling basic obedience. It is a bond-forging process that, when approached with dedication and consistency,.

June 8, 2022

Dog Anxiety Behavior: How to Identify & Manage Canine Stress

We tend to view dogs as happy-go-lucky critters. Between their unconditional love and their boundless energy, they just give the impression of never having a care in the world. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Just like humans, canines

March 1, 2022

Are Professional Dog Training Classes Worth It?

Have a new dog and you are debating on training methods? We live in a DIY society at a time when we are doing the very least of ourselves. In fact, that’s why DIY is such a popular thing, because we so routinely have someone or something else take

December 7, 2021

4 Tips For When You Adopt A Dog

If you are trying to adopt a dog, there are several things you need to consider before you make your final decision. For example, what are your options as far as breed? What if you want something that doesn’t shed? Will that be available? What about

August 18, 2021

Dog’s Anxiety Behaviour: Signs You Need To Know.

Dogs in a family tend to take a special place in everyone’s hearts. These four-legged furry friends become an integral part of any family they get in, and spread nothing but happiness. While dogs express their happiness, anger and other

January 18, 2021

Pet Identification Helps Reunite Lost Pets – WellPet Post Blog

No pet owner ever wants to think about this, but it is easy for our animal friends to become lost in this big world. Sometimes they slip out the back door, wander about the neighborhood, and are unable to find their way home. According to the

February 1, 2019

Poop-Eating Dogs Require Tough Love To Break The Habit

We love our furry, canine companions for their loyalty, devotion and unconditional love. However, no pet owner loves a “poop-eating dog”.

January 1, 2017

Dogfighting and the Dilemma with Veterinarians

Seven states require veterinarians to report dogs that are suspected to have been fought.

January 1, 2017

Canine Distemper

Canine distemper virus is a highly contagious often fatal disease of dogs, skunks, raccoons, foxes, and ferrets.

January 1, 2017

Energy Requirements for Dogs

Just as people vary our canine companions have individualized nutritional requirements.

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