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Adams Plus Yard Spray

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Reference: 021FAR02-03

32 oz

Product description

Adams™ Plus Yard Spray Fleas, tick, mosquitoes, oh my! The simplest way to rid your outdoor living space of unwanted and pesky insects is with Adams Plus Yard Spray. This spray stops bugs from destroying your lawn, roses, flowers, trees and shrubs and protects for up to 4 weeks! The main ingredient, Permethrin, kills many bug types including: Ants Bagworms Aphids Armyworms Chinch Bugs Inchworms Spider mites Beetles Fleas Cicadas Thrips Cutworms Sod webworms Leafrollers Whiteflies Moths Brown dog ticks Budworms Citrus black flies Crickets Earwigs Elm spanworms Fall cankerworms Grasshoppers Japanese beetles Leafminers Lone star ticks Mealybugs Millipedes Mole crickets Mosquitoes Scales Sowbugs (pillbugs) Tent caterpillars Ticks including Deer tick (which may carry Lyme disease)


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