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Lixit Water Nipple L-70

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Reference: 010LXT-L70B

1 Nipple
1 Nipple with Display Card

Product description

Lixit® Water Nipple L-70 Household pets and farm animals alike need access to fresh drinking water at all times. Lixit water nipples offer a safe, clean, and convenient method for watering dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, and more. The self-service waterer works by releasing water only when the animal licks the control lever; the water shuts off as soon as the animal stops licking. In order to avoid water waste, the amount of water released from the control lever can be regulated using one of the included orifice discs. Water pressure can be adjusted from 5psi to 100psi. The Lixit L-70 screws directly onto standard 1/2-inch pipe fittings and can be installed horozontally or tilted at a 45-degree angle.


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