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K-CIT-V Plus Cranberry 300 gm Granules for Dogs and Cats

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Reference: 015VB-10502


Product description

K-CIT-V plus Cranberry Granules

K-CIT-V plus Cranberry Granules 300gm (Potassium citrate granules plus Cranberry extract). For use in dogs and cats to help maintain normal urinary tract function in those instances where supplementation of Potassium Citrate is indicated.

Potassium Citrate is used to aid in maintaining urinary pH by alkalinizing the urine making it less acidic. K-CIT-V is used as a supplement in cases of calcium oxalate stone formation. K-CIT-V will not dissolve existing calcium oxalate stones nor does it prevent the formation of new stones. However, supplementation with K-CIT-V helps to create an alkaline urine, an environment in which calcium oxalate stones have difficulty forming.

The granules has a chicken flavor that appeals to both dogs and cats and can easily be mixed into your pets favorite food.


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