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DiaGel for Kittens

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Reference: 009VBG-02KIT

.5mL x 1 ct

California Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Product description

Features of DiaGel® for Kittens One-time administration may firm stools in 24 hours Rapid mode of action 4 year product shelf life May be administrated to cats of all ages May be used in conjuction with antibiotic treatments May be used for pre-stress DiaGel® Benefits: Eliminates bacteria on contact Flushes toxins Maintains hydration Promotes GI health DiaGel® is an orally administered product which aids in controlling bacterial diarrhea. The active compound, Axaphen, has been proven to eliminate E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, and Campylobacter in in-vitro studies. Made in the USA. Causes of Bacterial Diarrhea may include: Diet and/or water changes Indiscretions in diet Environment changes Stress When DiaGel® Should Be Administered: Indiscretions or Changes in Diet: DiaGel® is the number one solution for diarrhea caused by garbage gut and changes in diet and/or water. Stress or Environment Changes: Give DiaGel® 2 hours before boarding, breeding, traveling, showing, or any other activity that may cause stress to help reduce the incidence of diarrhea. Viral Infections: DiaGel® may be used as a secondary aid on animals with viral infections (parvo) to help eliminate the overgrowth of bacteria naturally occurring in the GI tract. If vomiting is present, use an anti-vomiting agent. Secondary Infections: Use DiaGel as a secondary aid in conjunction with primary treatments such as endotoxin therapy, dewormers and/or antibiotics.


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