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Clearcollar Elizabethan Restraint Collars Special Order

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Reference: 014JOR-J500B


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Product description

If your dog repeatedly licks or gnaws at a healing injury, it's time for the Clearcollar™ Elizabethan Restraint Collar. The Clearcollar™ is the most advanced restraint collar on the market. Its unique transparency allows the animal to maintain it's full range of vision, and owner's find it less intrusive than a traditional opaque collar. The Clearcollar™ Elizabethan Restraint Collar is designed with quick plastic clips, making it easy to put on and take off repeatedly. For more secure attachment, there are three loops for tying to animal collars. How To Measure Your Pet For A ClearCollar Elizabethan Restraint Collar ClearCollar Elizabethan Restraint Collars are sized by the diameter of the interior neck opening. The collar features five sets of adjustment holes for custom fitting of the collar to your animal. This collar is measured by diameter, which is illustrated at right. Diameter is the distance across the inside neck opening of the collar. These measurements are approximate and the collar is adjustable. Measure your pet's neck with a tape measure. This measurement is the circumference of the neck. A diameter measurement is approximately 1/3 the circumference; we suggest that you divide your neck measurement by 3 and order the collar that corresponds. For example: The dog's neck has a circumference of 9 inches. Divided by 3, your diameter result is 3 inches. Depending on your pet's breed, build and coat thickness, a size 15 or 18 collar should fit your pet. 014JOR-J500A--SIZE 12 COLLAR = 2" TO 3" Interior Neck Diameter 014JOR-J500B--SIZE 15 COLLAR = 2.5" TO 3" Interior Neck Diameter 014JOR-J500C--SIZE 18 COLLAR = 3" TO 4" Interior Neck Diameter 014JOR-J500D--SIZE 24 COLLAR = 3.5" TO 4.5" Interior Neck Diameter 014JOR-J500E--SIZE 30 COLLAR = 4.5" TO 6" Interior Neck Diameter 014JOR-J500F--SIZE 38 COLLAR = 5.5" TO 6.5" Interior Neck Diameter These instructions apply only the ClearCollar Elizabethan Restraint Collars. Other Elizabethan style collars use differing methods to measure size.


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