Sheep Facts

By Lambert Vet Supply | 12/2/2016 | Posted to Sheep
Sheep Facts
  • People started raising sheep over ten thousand years ago.
  • Spinning wool into thread began about 5,000 years ago.
  • One pound of wool can make ten miles of yarn.
  • Sheep prefer running water when they drink.
  • When Woodrow Wilson was President the First Lady had sheep graze on the White House lawn to keep it neat and well trimmed.
  • President James Madison wore an inaugural jacket made from the wool of sheep raised on his Virginia farm.
  • If you see a sheep on its back lend a hand! A sheep can't get up from that position. If left on its back too long it will eventually die.

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  • Ewes typically give birth to twins.
  • Sheep grow two teeth a year until they have eight.
  • Sheep only have lower teeth that press against an upper palette.
  • A one-year old sheep is called a hogget.
  • A two-year old sheep is called a two-tooth.

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