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A.O.E. Animal Odor Eliminator Spray 8 fl oz


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Reference: 005-THKAOE-8

8 oz

Product description

A.O.E is great for quick, permanent results. Spray directly on the source of the odor (on the animal, accident area, bedding, cage, litter) or anywhere odor exists. If odor persists after A.O.E. has dried, the source of the odor has not been reached. Continue to reapply as necessary. Use as an air freshener for quick but temporary relief by spraying two or more times in the air. It is nontoxic, nonirritating, nonflammable, noncarcinogenic, and biodegradable. Safe For Home And Pet Not A Mask Not An Enzyme Eliminates Odors A.O.E works chemically through bonding, absorption and counteraction. It contains inhibitors to control odors caused by further biological (organic) decomposition (putrefaction), and residuals that re-activate after the initial application to combat and prevent odors.


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