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NexGard Rx

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California Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Product description

NexGard™ Chewables A convenient solution to an annoying problem—NEXGARD is the first flea and tick killer in a beef-flavored chew, a piece of health your dog will easily love. Designed specifically for dogs, NEXGARD kills adult fleas before they lay eggs, and kills ticks upon administration. Each chewable contains an ingredient, afoxolaner, that works on the nervous system of fleas and ticks which causes hyperexcitation and then death, and continues protection for a full 30 days. NexGard contains a brand-new ingredient not used in any other flea and tick protection. Afoxolaner, the ingredient in NexGard, works by absorbing rapidly and safely into your pet's bloodstream and causes uncontrolled activity the flea's and tick's central nervous system, which causes death. Afoxolaner is slowly excreted through your pet's metabolism, which allows NexGard to continue to provide effective treatment for a full 30 days. This means amazing protection in a tasty morsel! NexGard can be taken alongside your regular heartworm medication. NexGard is a prescription-only medication. Compare the competition and see which flea and tick killer meets your expections. On dogs Kills fleas* Kills ticks Soft chew* Dogs prefer± NexGard™ (afoxolaner) ? ? ? ? COMFORTIS® (spinosad) ? X X X TRIFEXIS® (spinosad + milbemycin ocime) ? X X NA *Comparison of external parasites. These comparisons are based on label information. ±Data on file at Merial.


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