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Odormed Cigarette Smoke 32oz
Odormed Cigarette Smoke 32oz

Odormed Cigarette Smoke 32oz

Part Number:1425696|

Manufacturer |

Thornell Corporation
  • Great car odor eliminator. Carpet, vinyl, hardwood floors, leather chairs, walls, or smoke eater air freshener. Great air purifier. Just apply and let air dry.
  • Not an enzyme cleaner. Works regardless of previously used detergents and cleaners. Works instantly. Just apply and let air dry.
  • No caustic chemical, no solvent or propellant. Air purifier. No ozone generator needed. No sticky residue. Truth is it's mostly water. We just added the good stuff to make it work.
  • Lasts forever. Doesn't lose potency over time like most enzymes. When you need it it works to remove smoke odor from home.
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Non-toxic and non-irritating, Odormed Cigarette Smoke can permanently erase cigarette smoke odors from a variety of surfaces including automobiles, walls, carpet, and upholstery. Spray directly at the source to quickly eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke. Odormed Cigarette smoke can also be added to a cleaning solution to help clean nicotine-stained walls.

If you’re here I’m guessing you have an odor problem. Sorry to hear it. Odors can be a total pain AND VERY DIFFICULT TO GET RID OF. Odor is one of the most powerful influencers known to man. They can make you happy or sad. They can help your day go by smoothly or totally destroy it. Thankfully, most odors are not too bad. But the bad ones can be frustrating. Thus ODORMED.

So why isn’t ODORMED an enzyme? Bacteria enzymes are a live product. And like anything live they will eventually die. Many die before the product is used. There are many reasons for this. High and low temperatures can affect the bacteria but mostly it’s previously used stain or cleaning products. So if you’ve already used a detergent to try and get rid of the odor, (which won’t work as odor molecules are not affected by detergents) then enzymes might not be your best next attempt. You see the surfactants in the previously used detergent can kill the enzymes. That’s why many bacteria enzyme products tell you to rinse with water before the product is used or to use their product before anything else. They’re trying to rinse out the previously used products because they can kill the bacteria before it can work. Not so with ODORMED. It doesn’t matter what you’ve previously used or how old the odor is. ODORMED works. 

So how does ODORMED work? Odors are detected when the odor molecule becomes air-borne and begins to off-gas or emit a vapor. These vapors hit your olfactory system, your nose, and your brain tells you if it’s a good or bad odor. ODORMED simply BONDS to the odor molecule at the source, OBSORBS it and COUNTERACTS its ability to emit a vapor. It works on contact and the effect is permanent. The scientific theory behind it is called Zwaardemaker Conjugates. That’s a mouthful. But it’s real. Look it up. We just expanded on the technology and the end result is the most effective product you can buy. ODORMED.