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Cholodin for Dogs & Cats
Cholodin for Dogs & Cats

Cholodin for Dogs & Cats

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MVP Laboratories, Inc.
Cholodin® Choline helps your dog combat the physical symptoms of aging. Developed with geriatric dogs, the tasty, chewable tablets are a dietary supplement that can help your dog feel and act younger.
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Special order item. To order call 800-344-6337 or email [email protected]

Cholodin® Choline helps combat these clinical signs of aging:

  1. Lethargy and reduced awareness of surroundings
  2. Poor coat; excessive shedding or thin, dry coat
  3. Chronic constipation or fecal incontinence
  4. Inappropriate urination
  5. Poor appetite; animal eats too little to maintain an adequate body weight
  6. Poor mental acuity

Cholodin® contains sources of choline and phosphatidylcholine, two of the most common phospholipids. When present in sufficient dietary quantities, these components act as neurotransmitter precursors, which are chemicals manufactured and released by nerve cells that initiate the sending of "messages" from those cells.

Choline has four major functions:

  1. Significant dietary factor in preventing fatty liver syndrome in diabetic dogs
  2. Can 'donate' methyl groups (CH3) needed to synthesize other metabolic compounds
  3. Necessary for acetylcholine formation
  4. Component of the phospolipid, lecithin along with being a constituent of plasmalogens, which are abundant in mitochondria and sphingomyelin, bound particularly in the brain.