GoPet TreadWheel for Dogs

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GoPet TreadWheel is a great way to exercise overweight dogs, providing a physical outlet for high energy dogs. It is a free, off-leash exercise so your dog can run at his own natural pace. It is safe, stable, easy to clean, and mildew resistant. It is UV resistant, allowing for outdoor use.
GoPet TreadWheel for Dogs

GoPet Exercise Tread Wheel for Dogs   GoPet Tread Wheel for Dogs
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Toy/Small, Up to 25 lb
Medium/Some Large, Up to 150 lb
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Product Specs:

  • Toy/Small: 25 lbs max weight, 40"(dia) x 12"(w) running area, 42 lbs unit weight, and 44"(h) x 30"(d) x 40"(w) total unti dimensions
  • Medium/Some Large: 150 lbs max weight, 60"(dia) x 20"(w) running area, +200 lbs unit weight, and 70"(h) x 35"(d) x 65"(w) total unti dimensions
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