Glandex® Soft Chews Peanut Butter 120 Count

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  • Scientific formulation to keep the anal glands healthy
  • Unique fiber blend Glandex helps to create firm and bulky stools which help the anal glands empty naturally
  • Formulated with probiotics to maintain your dog's gastrointestinal health and to boost immunity
  • Great tasting 100% peanut butter flavor, all-natural premium ingredients
  • Made in the USA
Glandex® Soft Chews Peanut Butter 120 Count

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Glandex Soft Chews

Glandex Soft Chews Anal Gland Support for Dogs are veterinary formulated chews to address the underlying causes of anal gland problems in pets. Glandex's scientific formula is a more effective alternative to frequent anal gland expressing which can further irritate the anal glands. Anal gland trouble causes pets pain and itching, which they may try to relieve on their own. Scooting across the floor can cause skin damage, redness and burning of your pet's bottom. Glandex works from the inside-out to help promote healthy anal gland function. Formulated with a unique fiber blend, Glandex helps to create firm and bulky stools to allow pets to empty their anal glands naturally with each bowel movement. Glandex also contains natural anti-inflammatories to reduce the underlying inflammation and allergies that trigger anal gland problems, as well as probiotics to support your pet's digestive and immune health.

Made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients, Glandex Soft Chews have a delicious and real peanut butter flavor your dog will love.