Cow Ear, Bully Stick Dusted

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Pets Choice Naturals
  • Made from Columbian free-range, grass-fed beef
  • Is it a cow ear or is it a bully stick?
  • Preservative & Chemical Free
  • Available in 10ct, 50ct, and 100ct packs
Cow Ear, Bully Stick Dusted

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Pets Choice Naturals

All Natural Bully Stick Dusted Cow Ears

Pet's Choice Naturals premium cow ears are not only 100% natural, but a safe and tasty alternative to traditional rawhide treats and great value as they generally range in the 9” x 4” large range on average.

These chews are an excellent source of protein and support dental health, but we have taken the concept of a regular cow ear and turned it into an irresistibly palatable treat for your dog by roasting these in ground bully stick dust creating a one of a kind flavor sensation!

Your pet will not be able to resist these cow ears coated in ground bully sticks.