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CAMEO Otic 2.5 gm, 8 ct

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PRN Pharmacal
  • Once-a-week, easy-to-administer ointment
  • Maintains ear health in dogs
  • Eliminates “stinky ear”
  • Contains natural, botanical extracts that can be used long-term
  • Ideal for dogs with chronic ear issues
  • A new alternative to frequent ear cleaning
CAMEO Otic 2.5 gm, 8 ct
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PRN Pharmacal

Until now, the only way to maintain ear health in dogs is regular or frequent cleaning. With CAMEO Otic, it can be administered once a week, as needed, to proactively manage the natural balance of the ear. When applied, CAMEO Otic becomes fluid at body temperature to coat the ear; leaving no greasy residue on the dog or on the furniture. It comes in single-use tubes to avoid cross-contamination from ear to ear. Eight individual tubes are in each carton of CAMEO Otic, which can maintain ear health in a dog for one month.